Internal Audit Course for All Standards

Internal Audit Course for All Standards

Training for internal auditors in all organizations with quality systems (labs, inspection bodies, certification bodies, proficiency testing providers)

Quality managers in all the different types of organizations with a quality system cannot do it all on their own.  This is true for all organizations with a quality system.  An internal audit program is not a quality-only activity.  It is an operational activity as important as marketing and sales.

The Internal audit is the absolute best tool an organization can use to determine the health of their quality system – and its ability to support meeting organizational objectives

This course is designed to motivate staff to participate in an internal audit process and learn how to plan and conduct internal audits within the CAB.

This 2-day Training Course examines auditing principles and techniques and facilitates the practice of required internal audit skills. It is based on internationally-recognized approaches to conducting conformant internal audits. The techniques learned by participants promote the involvement of all types of staff as auditors and auditees. The course includes easy-to-implement methods for risk-based thinking, continual improvement, and closing out findings through the analysis of root causes aimed at their elimination.

For all staff who participate in the operation of the a quality system:

• Organizations conducting testing, calibration, inspection, evaluation, or certification
• Organizations using a QMS to support their business activities
• Managing a quality system
• Training staff in quality systems
• Managing the organization


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$600.00 USD in North America
$800.00 USD for International Delivery


$800.00 USD in North America
$1,000.00 USD for International Delivery

*  Early registration cut-off is normally 21 days prior to the scheduled training event.

5% additional discount for 2nd, 3rd, or more students from the same company attending the same training course. Space is Limited to 20 people for each training session.

Fees are non-refundable for cancellations; however, you may substitute another member of your staff, or attend another class offered by ASC at a later date.  If ASC cancels this class for any reason, the full registration fee paid will be refunded.