Why Accreditation?

Why Accreditation?


Worldwide demand for reliable, safe products and services makes accreditation a necessity.

Accreditation from a globally respected agency like ASC means immediate acceptance and assures confidence in your service or product. The best way to demonstrate the highest level of service and good value is through accreditation. Choosing the right organization to evaluate and accredit your professional services has direct impact on your success.

Accreditation is essential if you are involved in any profession that has a direct impact on public safety and welfare. American Standardization Council welcomes the opportunity to partner with you and help you achieve and maintain your accreditation.

The ASC Accreditation Mark

When you see the ASC Accreditation Mark, it means that a company has been evaluated for its technical competence and quality of service and has proven that it meets recognized standards. The ASC Accreditation Mark is recognized and accepted around the world as a symbol for organizations that meet the standards that matter the most.

Advantages of ASC Accreditation

If your organization strives to meet regulatory requirements, improve your business operations, attract new customers or simply want to distinguish your organization from competitors, ASC accreditation will provide you with a significant advantage.


Because ASC accreditation is highly respected and recognized as a reliable indicator of technical competence, our accredited clientele use it to effectively market their services. ASC accreditation can be used by companies or organizations to improve the quality of their services or products thereby improving their public image and marketability. Most industries routinely specify that companies maintain accreditation by a nationally recognized accreditation body such as ASC.


Getting accredited is your goal – Having a positive experience while you are pursuing accreditation is a big plus. Exceptional service is what you receive when you pursue accreditation with ASC. We are sensitive to your needs and work hard to meet them.


Organizations involved in conformity assessment can improve their processes using input gained from onsite assessment and by learning about best practices from experienced ASC assessors and peer evaluators. Ultimately, accreditation results in reduced cost, time savings and improvement of products and services.


ASC accreditation provides evidence that companies render competent services in line with national and international standards.


Our international recognition and reputation with industry provides complete confidence in the quality and competence of its services.


Through a system of international arrangements with organizations including APAC, ILAC and IAF, the services of ASC accredited companies are readily accepted in overseas markets. This recognition reduces costs for manufacturers, importers, and exporters that have their products tested, inspected, or certified by ASC accredited entities eliminating the need for re-testing, re-inspection, or re-certification in another economy.


ASC places tremendous importance on the training of its assessors. This leads to high levels of assessor competency, technical expertise, and value-added assessments.


With its excellent knowledge base and teams of technical experts, ASC helps to improve the quality of work performed by its accredited companies.